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2008 Giles Hurt/Comfort Ficathon: prompt claiming!

Mmmm, hurt/comfort. It's time to choose among 93 prompts for a banged-up Giles or a comforting Giles.

The 2008 Giles Hurt/Comfort Ficathon

Organizers:sahiya & antennapedia
Prompt claiming: now until April 27
Story posting: April 27 - May 4
Minimum length: 500 words

April 2008
S M Tu W Th F S
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
27 28 29 30
May 2008
S M Tu W Th F S
1 2 3
4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 17
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28 29 30 31

How it works

  1. Claim as many prompts as you like, announcing to the world your intent to write.
  2. Prompts can be claimed by more than one person.
  3. The prompts are grouped into days by pairing, spread out over the week following the April 27 due date. Post your response on the day for that prompt.
  4. Last day is free-for-all; post a response to any prompt.
  5. If you've picked a wild-card prompt and selected a pairing for it, post on the day for that pairing. The idea is to have a day chock-full of Giles/Xander hurt comfort, then another one for Giles/Buffy, and so on.
  6. Claim anything up until the day it's supposed to be posted. If you miss that day, post on the free for all.
  7. We won't be chasing anybody down demanding stories. But only claim what you think you'll really write. Don't get anybody's hopes up.
  8. And hey, we'll take stories written to these prompts from now until LJ crumbles to dust.

The prompts

Sunday, April 27: Giles/Buffy
Buffy; gen or pairing; during "Flooded," Buffy is honest with Giles about where she's been. gileswench
Buffy; gen or pairing; Giles tending to Buffy's injuries on or just after her 18th birthday
Buffy; gen or pairing; high school, Giles catches a bug from Buffy.
Buffy; gen or pairing; Post-"Revelations," Buffy visits Giles in the hospital. iba_dude
Buffy; gen; Buffy caring for Giles after the events of "Passion."
Buffy; season 4; The arrow that hit Buffy in 'Pangs' is a ghost arrow and Slayer healing can't fix the wound. Giles steps in with research, support and a little bit of magic froxyn
Giles/Buffy; any point post-S3 to post-Chosen, Buffy cares for Giles when he's injured in battle. Any rating so long as it's plausible compared to the injuries suffered. noelia_g
Giles/Buffy; AU where Slayers are in power and get to chose their Watchers. Some Watchers resist. adarog, briglss
Giles/Buffy; post "A New Man" misswitch
Giles/Buffy; s4, Buffy taking care of injured Giles. briglss
Giles/Buffy; season 5; Giles caring for Buffy after her mother's death, season 5. Highest rating possible.

Monday, April 28: Giles/Xander
Giles/Xander; post-Becoming, bandages, and UST.
Giles/Xander; post-Chosen, after Xander's favorite slayer-in-training is killed on a routine patrol, Xander is devastated. Giles helps him pick up the pieces. sahiya
Giles/Xander; post-Gift.
Giles/Xander; post-Grave, consoling each other about Willow antennapedia
Giles/Xander; Xander arrives at Heathrow in the middle of season 6. Angst leads eventually to smut.
Xander; gen or pairing; post-Chosen, Xander and Giles grieve for Anya together
Xander; gen or pairing; post-Chosen, Xander is either injured in the line of duty or catches random tropical virus #298 while in Africa. Giles takes care of him. noelia_g
Xander; gen; in high school, Xander calls Giles after his dad gives him a black eye and tosses him out of the house (again)

Tuesday, April 29: Giles/Willow
Giles and Willow; post-Becoming; preferably gen.
Giles and Willow; post-Grave; preferably gen.
Giles/Willow; after Oz leaves, but before Tara, how he comforts her. Highest rating you feel comfortable with.
Giles/Willow; after Oz leaves, but before Tara, she checks on him, only to find him sunk in a depression about how much his life sucks and how useless he is. How does she bring him out? Highest rating you feel comfortable with. zagzagael
Giles/Willow; during the summer between seasons 2 & 3, while Buffy is missing.
Giles/Willow; post-The Dark Age. dragonydreams
Willow; gen or pairing; between Grave and Lessons, Willow makes amends by taking care of Giles.
Willow; gen or pairing; During "Seeing Red" Giles appears and comforts Willow before she goes bad.
Willow; gen or pairing; in England post-Grave.
Willow; pairing or gen; post-Chosen, Giles injures himself magically in the prevention of an apocalypse and Willow has to heal him.

Wednesday, April 30: Giles/Faith
Faith; pairing or gen; AU version of Season Three: Faith rescued her watcher from Kakistos' torture chamber, and shows up on Giles' doorstep on the run and with a badly injured Wesley in tow. lena7623, sahiya
Giles/Faith; Faith discovers her inner candystriper
Giles/Faith; Giles injured protecting a surprised Faith. noelia_g
Giles/Faith; Giles patching Faith up after a patrol.
Giles/Faith; post-Chosen, comics canon, Giles catches the flu at some point while he and Faith are doing whatever it is they're doing. Faith is forced to take care of him. Does either of them survive? sahiya
Giles/Faith; the wounded Slayer comes calling
Wednesday, April 30: Genfic
Giles and his father; pre-series, Giles's father helps him put himself back together after Eyghon. gileswench
Giles and his mother; right after he's learned he's to be a Watcher instead of a fighter pilot. Or a grocer.
Giles and some member of his family; post-Gift in England.
Giles and the Scoobies; high school years, the Scoobies have never seen Giles sick before. Awkwardness, good intentions, and embarrassment abound. zandra_x
Giles; pre-series; Young Giles/Ripper in Oxford in the rain. Maybe hurt or ill as well.
Giles; the most comfort he has ever been privileged to receive.
Giles; the worst pain he has ever felt.ladyforash

Thursday, May 1: Crossovers
Death (Sandman); post-Gift; Death visits Giles, and shares with him a strangely comforting cup of tea.
Faith and Giles/Wilson; Giles and Faith are trying to find a rogue Slayer in New Jersey. Something lands Giles in Princeton-Plainsboro. Apparently it at least looks like cancer.
Gene Hunt (Life on Mars); gen; they share a drink and swap stories
Giles/Lupin; post-Deathly Hallows, an AU where Lupin survived (or not . . .)
Giles/Lupin; post-Grave
Giles/Snape; post-Chosen and post-Deathly Hallows
Giles/Snape; post-Gift and/or post-Grave (anywhere in the HP timeline) antennapedia
Thursday, May 1: Giles/Joyce
Giles/Joyce; post-Helpless; Joyce consoles Giles, who's taken a beating and been fired.
Giles/Joyce; post-S2; they comfort each other while worrying about the missing Buffy; Joyce cares for Giles's injuries. sahiya
Giles/Joyce; post-S3, she melts down over her daughter heading to college after the way high school ended
Giles/Joyce; season 5; during Joyce's illness. adarog

Friday, May 2: Giles/Ethan
Ethan; gen or pairing; Giles nurses Ethan back to health after the Initiative gets done with him. sahiya
Ethan; post-Grave, Ethan tending to Giles's injuries after Grave antennapedia
Giles/Ethan; Ethan caring for Giles.
Giles/Ethan; post-Becoming
Giles/Ethan; post-Eyghon; Giles has survivor's guilt, and Ethan provides solace.
Giles/Ethan; post-Gift, there's a mystical element to Giles's bereavement that must be dealt with.
Giles/Ethan; Ripper-era; in which Ethan is somehow the one needing comfort shitsu_tonka
Friday, May 2: Giles/Anya
Giles/Anya; Anya's attempt at comfort. ljs
Giles/Anya; post-Grave, for a classic scenario.
Giles/Anya; post-Hell's Bells
Giles/Anya; season 7; Giles arrives from a failed mission with the thousand-yard stare of the shell-shock victim. Only Anya knows what it means. lena7623
Giles/Anya; season 7; mutual comfort after the Season Seven visit to Beljoxa's Eye.

Saturday, May 3: Giles/Other
Giles & Robson; Giles and Robson working together when suddenly things go badly wrong. This can be set whenever you like - it doesn't need to be Season Seven.
Giles/Angel; after Amends, Giles hurt, Angel somehow having to take care of him. (He never apologized for Jenny or the torture!)
Giles/Fred; post-Pylea crazy!Fred.
Giles/Ilyria; post-NFA, Ilyria inadvertently injuring the watcher that Wes told her to find if anything happened to him. kivrin
Giles/Jenny; he takes her home after the incident with Eyghon
Giles/Spike; post-Chosen; It was Buffy with the necklace who went up in flames. Giles is holding on slightly better than an injured, sanshued Spike. antennapedia
Olivia; gen or pairing; Giles returns to Oxford after Eyghon.
Spike; gen or pairing; post-Gift, Spike comforts a grief-stricken Giles. Any rating.
Tara; gen; post-Gift, Giles and Tara in the Summers' kitchen.
Saturday, May 3: Giles/Wesley
Giles/Wesley; just after 'Graduation II'. Giles helps Wesley deal with being out of favour with the council, out of a job, and just out of hospital.
Giles/Wesley; post-AtS S4/BtVS S6; Giles comforts Wesley after he is ostracized from Angel and the crew after the whole debacle with baby Connor.
Giles/Wesley; post-Gift. noelia_g
Giles/Wesley; season 3; Giles patches Wesley up after a bad patrol in Season 3 of BtVS.
Wesley; gen or pairing; Giles takes care of Wesley after Faith tortures him lena7623
Wesley; gen or pairing; Giles takes care of Wesley after the whole Connor debacle antennapedia
Wesley; gen or pairing; Giles takes care of Wesley when he gets the flu.
Wesley; gen or pairing; post-Grave, Wesley comes from LA to help Giles and deal with Willow

Sunday, May 4: Free-for-all!
Wild-card prompts: Giles/?
?; gen or pairing; ?; character of your choice helps Giles cope after he learns of Ethan's death.froxyn, sahiya
?; gen or pairing; ?; Giles caring for someone that has an injury not related to fighting evilgileswench
?; gen or pairing; post-Chosen, Giles with a cold, any of the core!four caring for him.laurtew
?; gen or pairing; post-Chosen; Giles suffers some minor-to-moderate illness. Scoobies of your choice rally to help him, much to his chagrin.
?; gen or pairing; pre-series; just Giles or Giles/OFC or
Giles/Crossover Character, Pre-Seriesfairygothmum
?; gen or pairing; season 2; Giles gets the Killed-by-Death flu.sahiya
?; gen pairing; post-Becoming; any one of the Scoobies come in to check on him and find him curled up and suffering from the mental torture Drusilla inflicted on him. What do they do and how do they help him?
?; gen; season 5; the Magic Box is robbed at gunpoint, and Giles gets shot protecting one of the Scoobies. The person he saves takes on the role of carer while he recovers.
?/Giles; post-Passionlena7623
Giles/Anya or Giles/Xander; season 6; after the wedding goes to hell, either Anya or Xander seeks comfort from Giles.

Ready to claim a prompt? Just comment here with the text of the prompt or prompts you want to write.


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