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2008 Giles H/C Ficathon Master List!

And here we are, folks! *dances* I'm quite excited to read everything. Just a quick reminder of the schedule:

Sunday, April 27th: Giles/Buffy
Monday, April 28th: Giles/Xander
Tuesday, April 29th: Giles/Willow
Wednesday, April 30th: Giles/Faith and Genfic
Thursday, May 1st: Crossovers and Giles/Joyce
Friday, May 2nd: Giles/Ethan and Giles/Anya
Saturday, May 3rd: Giles/Wesley and Giles/Other
Sunday, May 4th: Free-For-All!

If you miss your posting day, just post on Sunday the 4th. From now on, prompts need not be claimed, so if the mood strikes you, check out the list of prompts.

Please comment here with a link to your fic and its rating and pairing to be added to the master list.

froxyn wrote Chumashed, FRM, Giles/Buffy
sahiya wrote All We Know of Heaven, FRC, Giles and Buffy gen
iba_dude wrote Never Again, FRT, Giles/Buffy
noelia_g wrote One of the those epiphany thingies, FRT, Giles/Buffy
sahiya wrote Watchmen, FRT, Giles/Xander
noelia_g wrote The Benefits of the Tropical Virus #298, FRT, Giles/Xander
laurtew wrote All We Are, FRAO, Giles/Willow
sahiya wrote All We Need of Hell, FRT, Giles/Willow
dragonydreams wrote Better Than Me, FRT, Giles/Willow
zagzagael wrote To Sleep Without Dreaming, FRC, Giles/Willow
lena7623 wrote What to Do, FRM, Gen (Giles, Faith, Wesley)
sahiya wrote Florence F***ing Nightingale, FRM, Giles/Faith
zandra_x wrote Giles Takes to His Bed, FRC, Gen (Giles and Scoobies)
ladyforash wrote The Interview, FRT, Gen (Dawn and Giles)
sahiya wrote Compassion, FRC, Giles/Joyce
adarog wrote Paperwhites, FRAO, Giles/Joyce
sahiya wrote The Smell of Roses, FRT, Giles/Joyce
sahiya wrote Between the Shadow and the Soul, FRAO, Giles/Ethan
ljs wrote Of the Corvidae, FRC, Giles/Anya
shitsu_tonka wrote The Demon, the Blood, and the Bottle, FRT, Giles/Ethan
sahiya wrote Unprecedented, FRM, Giles/Wesley
fairgothmum wrote What Might Have Been, FRT, Giles/OFC
froxyn wrote Fallen Rayne, FRAO, Giles/Buffy
sahiya wrote The Fine Art of the Abject Apology, FRC, Gen (Giles and Buffy)
kivrin wrote Slightly Romantic, FRT, Giles/Anya
sahiya wrote After the Storm, FRAO, Giles/Wesley
fairygothmum wrote Casting Me Aside, FRC, Giles/?
sahiya wrote Love in the Time of Malaria, FRC, Giles/Xander
ljs wrote Let It Out, FRM, Giles/Anya
cmk418 wrote Youthful Experience, FRC, Gen (Giles and Andrew)
longrun2 wrote Faith Said, FRM, Giles/Faith
antennapedia wrote Rehabilitated, FRT, Giles/Ethan
antennapedia wrote Sparks, FRT, Giles/Xander

Thanks to everyone who participated/is participating/will participate!

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