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{Tweed and Tea}

A Giles Community

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a Giles community
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This is a community for all Giles fans. Post or pimp fics, ficathons, fanart, communities, discussions, vids, etc.

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(You can discuss your own ship love...you can't put down someone elses.)

2. No Wanking.
(Please don't start shit for the sake of starting shit. Thank you.)

3. No OT (off topic) posts.
(Keep all posts related to Giles.)

4. Please label 'adult' posts and use lj-cuts when applicable.
(This community is open to all, so please use common reasoning and label your posts accordingly.)

Failure to abide by the rules will result in deletion of post.

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Just Slightly Fixated

Comment to this post if you'd like to be added to the links list or if you'd like to be affiliated with tweedandtea.

(Please link back to tweedandtea).
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Moderator elle
Co-Moderators asherific, ladyforash, and marsterslady

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